Chisholm Trail Pet Clinic is seeking a Kennel Assistant/Facility and Grounds Manager. Experience is preferred but is not required. Applications are available for pickup Monday-Friday at our clinic.
We will not accept applications or inquiries sent to us via email or Facebook. 

Job Description

The Kennel Assistant is the primary provider of the basic physical needs of dogs and cats being boarded, admitted for day care, surgery, and/or hospitalization. The Kennel Assistant must be able to recognize and respond to the basic needs of animal care -- comfort, cleanliness, diet, medication, exercise, food and water. The Facility and Grounds Manager is responsible for insuring the cleanliness, safety, and presentation of both the clinic facility and the grounds on which it is established.

Job Requirements

Age: 16 years or older with driver's license and dependable transportation; high school student - graduate or equivalent, sense of caring toward animals. Must be able to walk dogs up to 130 pounds, lift up to 50 pounds, work on feet all day, write legibly and spell correctly. 
Reports to: Attending VA/CVA/CVTs, veterinarian(s); office manager; hospital owner.
Essential Functions by Area of Responsibility and Approximate % of Time for Each Function

Animal Care (60%): 
  • Provide compassionate care to patients and boarders
  • Ensure clean and comfortable accommodations to all patients and boards
  • Provide a minimum of two opportunities for leashed walked animals to eliminate and more frequent walks of needed
  • Administer prescribed medications, treatments and physical therapy as instructed
  • Feed appropriately according to owner and/or veterinarian instruction
  • Provide playtimes, peanut butter Kongs, etc. as scheduled
  • Perform exit bath, nail trims, and ear cleanings
  • Provide kennel duties after hours (weekend & holidays) as scheduled

Client Interaction (5%): 
  • Perform boarding check-in and check-out duties
  • Monitor and support boarding facility visitors

Facility Care & Cleaning (13%): 
  • Laundry - Collect, wash, dry, fold and store appropriately
  • Manage patient and boarding animals' personal effects
  • Collect, clean, rinse, dry and return both interior and exterior mats as needed
  • Maintain a Walmart shopping list, make purchases as needed and store appropriately
  • Participate in closing activities -- sweeping, mopping, mop & buck care

Grounds Care & Cleaning (10%): 
  • Ensure all outdoor areas (including exercise yard) are scooped for feces as needed, at minimum three times weekly, and dispose of properly
  • Collect general debris as noted/needed, and dispose of properly
  • Clean outside entrances, sweet walkways and remove debris from parking area. Sweep margins of parking area when debris  and rain water accumulate along curbing
  • Collect, clean, rinse, dry and return both interior and exterior mats as needed
  • Perform light landscaping duties as instructed: removal of flower bed weeds, planting of new annual bedding plants, watering and fertilizing both planted and potted plants

General Cleaning (10%): 
  • Clean and maintain radiology, surgery, treatment, lab, utility, kennel, cat boarding area, and exam rooms
  • Routinely vacuum all baseboards, corners, and behind items
  • Empty and clean trash receptacles as needed
  • Perform cleaning duties as listed on posted "Daily to Do", "Weekly to Do" and "Monthly to Do" lists
  • Deep cleaning of entire clinic and grounds semi-annually or annually
  • Notify supervisor of needed maintenance

Miscellaneous (2%): 
  • Attend and participate in monthly staff meeting -- typically held the 4th Thursday of each month from noon until 1:30pm
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Work Environment

Moderate sized, busy hospital, with surgical and medical caseloads and boarding as well. Patients require a high level of care. Low level of client interaction. 

Continuing Education Requirements


Exempt of Non-Exempt Status

Non-exempt position

Point of Contact

Terie Overbey, Practice Manager
904 Hwy 81 N • Bowie, TX 76230
Phone: 940.872.8900