Dr. Beth Winingham


Dr. Beth Winingham is a 1992 graduate of the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. After practicing mixed animal medicine in Decatur for nine years, 18 months small animal medicine in Wichita Falls and relief work at a 24-hour emergency clinic in Fort Worth, Dr.

Dr. Jeff Allen

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Jeff Allen joined our clinic in the Fall of 2020. He is a 1979 graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr.

Terie Overbey

Practice Manager

Terie joined CTPC as the Practice Manager in January of 2022. She was a Bowie resident from 2013 to 2019 before spending time training dressage horses in Central Illinois.

Holly Reading

Office Manager

Holly is the clinics longest employed member of our staff, and is committed to a career in veterinary services. She began working at our clinic as a senior in high school in February 2005.

Toni Huerta

Veterinary Assistant

We have been fortunate to have had Toni working at our clinic periodically over the past several years and most recently as a full-time employee since June 2020.

Taylor Lyons

Veterinary Assistant

A graduate of Gold-Burg High School, Taylor lives in Bowie with her dog, Oakley, a husky mix. She has a strong interest in veterinary medicine and enjoys drawing and spending time with her family.

Katie McDonald

Veterinary Assistant

Katie is a native of Bowie and resides here with her children Jake, Austin, and Daphne. In her spare time, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and is active in her children's extra-curricular activities. Katie has been employed with our clinic since February 2019.


Senior Resident Mood Lifter

As a kitten, Highway was hit by a car and suffered a brain injury. Fortunate for her and us, her trauma was witnessed by multiple individuals including Dr. Winingham. Upon learning that the seizing kitten was likely an offspring of a feral cat, Dr. Winingham assumed her care.


Junior Resident Mood Lifter

Dr. Winingham assumed responsibility of Wynkyn when she developed post-op complications following the initial surgery to remove her severely injured right eye. Wynkyn is a bit of a clown, loves attention, and cannot be trusted around any unattended food - especially donuts.